What makes us different

Bamdad Shams is a French-based international lawyer with a global mindstet. He is not limited by geographical boundaries when it comes to his work.


Bamdad Shams is a French-based international law firm with a global mindstet.

Bamdad Shams is a dynamic and expanding international law firm with a global vision and a commitment to transforming cross-border challenges into opportunities.

We deliver tailor-made legal services globally for all types of clients across all sectors. We invest in creating long-term, trusted relationships and serving the legal needs of our clients. We are client-focused, have a global vision, and are results-oriented.

We serve companies, institutions of all legal forms, and individuals wherever they are.

Bamdad Shams is an international lawyer based in France that serves companies, institutions of all legal forms, and individuals wherever they are.

He tailors his approach to each client and matters with great meticulousness, professionalism, and a high level of discretion.

Bamdad Shams advises and represents domestic and international clients on contentious and non-contentious cross-border issues.

Bamdad Shams knows how to turn complex legal issues into opportunities for growth and success wherever and whenever they occur.

We combine the approachability of a local law firm with the in-depth knowledge of a global law firm.

Who we are

We are based near Paris, in the heart of Europe.

Our law firm is located in Cergy-Pontoise, which is part of the Paris Region.

Bamdad Shams, who founded the firm, is an international lawyer registered at the Bar Association of Val d’Oise in the Paris region.

He operates in an international legal environment and speaks both English and French. He moves between different cultures and legal systems with ease.

Bamdad Shams is the go-to-silk for any project and case with links to multiple countries.

Our core values

We provide our clients with the highest levels of legal service.

We strive to give our clients the most accurate and up-to-date advice and the highest level of legal service.

We help our clients to anticipate and manage current and emerging legal risks.

We prepare and implement cost-effective legal solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

We protect the confidentiality of our clients and will not disclose it to any third party.

Bamdad Shams is an independent law firm. We are professional, apolitical, and non-partisan in all our activities.

How we work

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking law firm.

Bamdad Shams innovates and adapts legal consulting and services practices to an uncertain and fast-changing world.

Bamdad Shams believes that every company, organisation, and individual should have access to legal advice and litigation services wherever they are.

We strive to do everything in our power to design comprehensive solutions to the different legal issues you are facing in business or life.

We are committed to offering clients the best possible legal services. We engage in a variety of professional endeavours. We take a client-centered approach and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and objectives.
We have the knowledge and resources to support you in achieving your goals, whether you are a startup or a large corporation looking for advice or assistance.
To find out more about how we can help you with your legal needs, get in touch with us right away.

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